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We Make Video Games

From concept to code, we’re here to make games that really stick.
Leaving a long-lasting, positive impression through video games as a medium is our passion.

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Game Creation Tools

We’re dedicated to creating the tools that help us get the job done right. Giving back to the developer community by sharing our tools is just one way we like to say thanks to our supporters.

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Get Ready for BLFC!

Just like we did at FurCon 2015, we’re preparing for another convention where we’ll display more stunning works our artists have produced that capture the theme and feeling of Punky Town! This time we’re headed to the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, NV for this year’s Biggest Little Fur Con (a.k.a. BLFC), one of the biggest conventions of its kind gaining lots of positive attention in the last few years (and personally one of my faves). The convention is coming up quickly and we’re panicking frantically SUPER PREPARED AND READY FOR EVERYTHING THAT AWAITS. This year’s convention theme and Punky Town’s aesthetics really complement each other, so we’re very excited to be a part of this!

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Recap and Game Status

We have taken a while since our last update, but our team’s creative minds have been hard at work. Throughout the last six weeks, the concept design team has been developing and refining some amazing things, all of which we hope to be able to include in our game.

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Mini Update for October!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Hello everyone! It has been a while before we were able to update on this site. Everyone on the team has been hard at work in creating a wonderful game. It is a sad thing to say this, however, we will not be able to make the deadline for the demo... read more

Game Development Updates!!

Hello everyone! Here are some things that the Punky Town team has been working on! We are in the full swing of things in regards to development of our concept art, character designs, level designs, buildings, and programming. Also, we have a bunch of new talented... read more

Punky Town is Getting Funded

This is amazing news. At last, we are getting the funding necessary for moving our project forward. Today marks a great change to how we approach the development process as we seek help from talented artists and developers.We are excited to announce that we have... read more

The Technical and Trivial

So hmm whats new. Our CEO will be coming back from China shortly after this week and we’re gonna pitch our plan to our angel investor. That’s Exciting, what else…lots of stuff. User input manger has been improved a tenfold. Lead programmer Tarocco... read more

Indiecade and Dev Update

J here; I’m excited to say that our playable demo is just over the horizon. Not Valve time we promise! I just wanted to share some updates on where we’re at because transparency is really important to us. Punky Town is a unique platforming rhythm game. Players play as... read more